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Powers of Attorney are an essential part of your overall estate plan. While you are living, but unable to make your own medical or financial decisions, properly prepared and executed powers of attorney ensure that your trusted family, friends, or other agents can handle your medical and financial affairs. Without a power of attorney, your family will be unable to manage your affairs without going to court and having a guardian or conservator appointed -- a time consuming, expensive and public process.

All of our fixed price estate plan packages include the following powers of attorney:

  • Durable General Financial Power of Attorney
    A Durable General Power of Attorney allows your designated agent to handle your finances if you are unable to manage them yourself during your life time. This document can be tailored to your specifications to give your agent the specific powers that you wish to give. By establishing a Durable General Power of Attorney your relatives or caregivers can avoid a court proceeding in the event of your incompetency, assuring continuity of your care.

  • Advance Medical Directive
    The Advance Medical Directive specifies what care you wish to have or not have if you are in a terminal condition or persistent vegetative state. Making your wishes clear for this situation can make it easier for your family or caregivers to follow your wishes in the event you can not express them yourself.

  • Medical Power of Attorney
    A Medical Power of Attorney allows your medical agent to make decisions on your behalf if you are unable to make your own medical decisions for a temporary or permanent period of time. This document is often combined with the Advance Medical Directive and HIPAA Release to ensure that your medical agent has the information and power to ensure your medical wishes are followed.

  • HIPAA Release
    By providing a HIPAA Release to your medical agent, you ensure that they have access to your medical records and can make an informed decision about your care.

Not all powers of attorney are alike. Our powers of attorney are custom tailored to your specific needs, and are very comprehensive. We also ensure that your powers of attorney are properly executed so that they are valid in as many jurisdictions as possible.

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